Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pool Time

Last summer G was a newborn. Neither of us were very keen on the idea of putting on a swimsuit and hopping in the pool. But this summer, well, let's just say I've been looking forward to some pool time! I have great memories of taking swimming lessons in the summer and I can't wait for G to do the same. Of course, that will be in a few years, but we can start the fun now, right?

The first time we went he cried. It wasn't a "I'm freaked out by this" kind of cry, it was an "Um, this water is cold!" kind of cry. We waited a week of 90+ degree days and tried again. This time we had loads of fun!

G kicked and splashed and laughed and danced in the water. He loved his little raft. He does such a good job of keeping his sunglasses and hat on when we're out in the sun. I think he likes to be able to see when it's so bright, so he just leaves them alone.

We're going to make it a goal to go swimming at least once a week this summer. Yay for pool time!

Splashing Daddy!

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