Friday, June 3, 2011

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch...

Contrary to popular belief, northwest Kansas isn't all bad. After days of horrible wind and chilly temps, we finally had a gorgeous day. It was way past time for G to experience ranch life with his Papa.

Prior to the hail storm, the wind died down enough for G and I to go on the evening "check" with my parents. They take the pick-up out through the pasture every day during calving season to check if there are new babies.

I thought G might like watching the calves and see the cows up close, so we tagged along.

Since we were in the pasture he got to ride in the truck sans carseat and, of course, was way more enthralled with the radio buttons and steering wheel than he was with the cows and calves. We did happen upon a mama and her baby that were hanging out by themselves. The calf appeared to be groggy from a late afternoon nap in the sun and he let my dad with G in tow rub his soft forehead. Calves never do that, so it was fun that he let G, with Papa's help, pet him. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera so we have zero documentation of this milestone, but it's in my memory so that will have to suffice. Sadly, the calf was groggy for another reason entirely and ended up going to that "Great Pasture in the Sky" the next day. That's ranch life for you.

But on to happier tractor rides! The morning after the big storm dawned sunny and perfect, so we all put on our shoes and headed outside. Papa decided it was time for G to learn to drive the tractor so he could pull his weight.
Things to note:
1. Look how cute they look with their caps on.
2. G is wearing a Jordan shirt and sweats. Not really ranch attire.
3. Yes, he's also wearing sandals. The kid can't walk yet. Shoes and socks are a hassle. 

G got so good at driving that Papa thought he could start giving bucket rides. 

Wave at the drivers!

After a while G took a break from learning to drive the tractor so he could take some pictures. 

Check out my mom's sweet (i.e. dorky) leather visor.
Then it was time to look at some calves. They're so cute.

And then it was nap time. What a great day at the ranch. 

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  1. Couple of things:
    1. G needs some wranglers. Or at least a cowboy hat.
    2. Where are your pink wranglers?
    3. Ranch pictures and bucket rides bring back great memories.