Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We're walkin', yes indeed...

...and we're talkin', just you and me!

That's the theme of our week it seems. After finally taking his first two steps on the day he turned 16 months, Graham has officially entered the world of the walkers. Of course, he's not exclusively walking yet, but we're getting there.

I think he's been feeling a little peer pressure. Or not. I guess he's been the only non-walker in the "Walkers" class at church for a couple months now. And when he sees his friends on two legs, he has been known to push them down. I guess if he's not walking, they can't either. That, or my son is the neighborhood bully. So, maybe it isn't peer pressure.

To be honest I think he's stubborn. I think he's just wanted to do it on his own schedule when no one was really paying attention. Last night he just stood up and walked across the room a few times without being begged by Adam or I to "walk to me." And the big show was this morning when he found his little volleyball (let's pretend it's a soccer ball for all practical purposes) and decided it was time he started practicing his kicking/dribbling skills. What? Who is this kid?

I'm afraid I'm in for a big shock once he starts to run because I have this sinking feeling he's going to be running away from me quite a bit. I was the sneaky kid who ran away in stores or hid in the center of the clothing rack. This will probably be payback time. Great.

He's just so darn cute though. And I can't wait to hold his hand while we walk places. Sweet......

As far as talking goes, he says "daddy" all the time. On a good day he'll tell me what a monkey, lion, puppy dog, and owl say, but that's about it. I guess we did get him to repeat the word ball last night and he may have said "night-night" a couple of times, but it's hard to tell. He's quite the conversationalist and loves to yell at the TV during football games. Hmm, I wonder where he learned that? Right now, though, I just like his babbling. Especially when he whispers.

Life is changing quick around here. Sometimes it's hard to keep up!