Monday, January 31, 2011


My friend, Deborah, coined the term "runnish" to describe what she was doing for exercise. She didn't feel like she could say she was actually running, it was more of just a runnish. I like it. It's a good descriptive word. And that is why I'm stealing it for today.

I've started to "runnish" lately. I say lately because I've only been doing it for a couple weeks. There is a 10K in March that I feel a responsibility to enter, so I've begun the preparation process. I created a play list called "RunFast" and filled it with all the best songs. It's an eclectic smattering of tunes. Here are a few just to give you an idea of what keeps me motivated:

There Goes My Hero--Foo Fighters
Since You've Been Gone--Kelly Clarkson
Air Force Ones--Nelly
Baby--Justin Bieber (I know, I know, but this became my theme song while I was pregnant.)
The Sweater Song--Weezer
Underdog--Audio Adrenaline
Bust A Move--Young MC
Lip Gloss--Lil Mama

I know it's a totally random mix. But it's about what keeps me going, right?

So back to my training. A 10K is 6.2 miles. Not much in a car. Hardly challenging on a bike. On foot...makes me feel weak just thinking about it. But I'm determined to complete the race without walking. So I downloaded Couch to 10K on my trusty ipod (yeah, I don't have an iphone, you wanna make somethin' of it?), added my playlist, and started on day 1. It was OK. I didn't die. I didn't even want to die. That's a good sign. This may be feasible. So far I've completed through week 2. I've even gone alone once and didn't cheat. My confidence is growing.

Here's the catch, though. I hate, hate, HATE the treadmill. It's just so boring. Snooze-fest on your feet, except that you're gasping for air. Thus far I've been able to "runnish" outside because we've had an unseasonably warm January. But the weather is changing. They are predicting 6-10 inches of snow in the next couple days. I can't really afford to put off my training schedule or I'll never be ready in time. I fear I may have to resort to the treadmill. Blech.

I wonder if it would count if I ran in place in my living room for the whole time? I wonder if anyone has tried that? Hmmm...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's Make It Move

Please watch this video. It will make you happy. And give you some sweet dance moves.

Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Lose a Guy

I have been thinking a lot about how Adam and I fell in love. Maybe it's Valentine's Day coming up, I don't know, but it's been on my mind lately. I love our love story.

Adam and I met at camp. Our romance was born on a sunny morning walk in mid-July. sweet. And it was sweet. Adam was intent on wooing me.

I wish I could say I made it easy for him, but I did a few things early on that may not fit into the typical "what to do when you want a guy to fall in love with you" rule book. It's not that I was trying to scare him away, but I wanted someone who was serious about me, not the idea of me. That and maybe I just wasn't really thinking.

Mistake #1: Throwing out the L-word.
A week or two after our initial morning walk, Adam and I had a conversation that went, in a nutshell, like this:
Me: Can I tell you something that's really important to me?
Adam: Sure.
Me: If you ever tell me you love me, you better have a ring in your hand.
Adam: Uh...uh...ok...
It's a no-brainer that this conversation was a bit premature. Granted, I had recently put the pieces of my heart back together, but still. I probably should have waited until we had had the DTR and established boyfriend/girlfriend status before throwing in the L-word. And mentioning a ring. Yikes.

Mistake #2: Leaving the country for 3 weeks.
Living at camp means living in isolation from the outside world. There is no internet or phone, so the fact that I left camp a month before Adam was going to put our brand new relationship to the test anyway, but then I left the country. Before heading off for the summer, and before meeting Adam, I had purchased a plane ticket to India where I was going to spend two weeks with a friend. On the way back, I was stopping in Europe for a week with another friend. Sure all the plans had been made before I knew I would have a new romance on my hands, but weeks with no communication isn't really the best way to start off. On the other hand, three weeks apart gave us time to decide if we really did like each other.

Mistake #3: Taking a trip to Europe with another guy.
This was a really bad move in regard to my budding relationship. I don't regret the trip at all. It was a lot of fun. I explored the streets of Rome, ate dinner in France, and wandered through a German castle. Like I said before, this trip had been planned before I met Adam, but what made this leg of the journey more tricky was that I was visiting a guy-friend. He was in the Army and stationed in Germany at the time. We met at our parents' church and had been writing letters for the past two years. I know, it sounds like there was some sort of something there, but there wasn't. We were really just friends. Try explaining that to the man who is trying to win your heart, though. We're talking new relationship murder here.

Mistake #4: Getting my nose pierced.
I had wanted my nose pierced for YEARS and, after going to India, was even more antsy for a little sparkle on my nose. It was time to take the plunge! So I did. And it was awesome! Getting your nose pierced means different things to different people. I'm more of a free-spirit than Adam, so when I got back and saw him for the first time, he was, let's say, hesitant about it. He didn't say he hated it, but he definitely didn't say he liked it either. I think he was surprised that I would do such a thing. I wasn't interested in his approval, though, because I liked it. So, not only did I get a surprise piercing, but I was acting defiantly independent about it. Probably not what Adam was expecting from the girl he met at camp.

Four potential relationship deal-breakers. I was definitely not making it easy for him, but thankfully, Adam wasn't scared away. He kept wooing and I eventually gave him my heart. I'm so glad my blunders didn't send him running for the hills because I can't imagine being married to anyone else. He's my perfect complement and will forever be the love of my life. Gush, gush, gush, ooey gooey, sticky sweet...blame it on Valentine's Day.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I watched my friend's little boy yesterday morning. He and G are buddies. J wanted to take a nap and G felt his pain. Observe:

I hope this means G will have an empathetic and merciful character. Let's hope that overrides the fact that he tried to steal every toy J picked up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Things About My Son

1. G loves taking baths. When he's crabby, a bath is a surefire way to cheer him up. He likes splashing in the water and having it poured over his head. He just loves bath time. There's also #3.

2. G loves diaper changes. We hung a colorful mobile above his changing table and it was one of our best nursery decisions. He gets really excited when we make the birds "fly" while he's lying there. It keeps him totally entertained. There's also #3.

3. G loves to be naked. FREEDOM! Taking off his clothes brings a smile every time. Even when it's cold he loves to be naked. It must be a boy thing, but it sure makes bath time and diaper changes more enjoyable for me. And now that we don't have regular "fountains" when he's diaper-less, he gets to be free more often.

4. G sometimes sleeps like a torpedo. His little hiney is in the air and both arms are at his sides. It's adorable and surprisingly comfortable. I tried it.

5. When G was 3-4 months old he would stick his left arm, and only his left arm, straight out behind him while he was being carried. It was quirky. We called it "left arm." Sadly, he doesn't do it anymore.

6. Early in G's life he had spastic arms and legs. Zero control. Sometimes he would just raise one arm like he had a question to ask. It reminded me of the guy in Awakenings. I cracked up every time. (By the way, rent the movie if you haven't seen it.)

7. G has really long eyelashes. I'm tempted to put mascara on them, but so far I've refrained. I mean, he's a boy and he's a baby, mascara isn't really for him.

8. Sometimes G's breath smells like onions. I don't know why. It's baffling.

9. G has the best laugh ever. The best. Twice he's been laughing hard at something and puked. It's cute now, but I hope he's not still doing that when he's six. 

10. G used to have a rattail. It finally fell out, but for a while he rocked the look circa 1991. On a side note, the boy who had the locker next to me in 6th grade had a rattail. His name was Mario. His hair was spikey on top with a long tail down the back. Don't be confused, it was not a mullet. There is a major difference. If you don't know what the difference is, you are probably too young to have tight-rolled your jeans or carried an Esprit bag. (Someone please confirm that they know what I'm talking about here.)

11. G has super ticklish feet. And armpits. I tickle them often. It makes him giggle.

12. G likes to watch sports. He's his father's son. He and Adam liked to watch College Game Day together on Saturday mornings. It was good bonding time.

13. I love G's palms. I know it's weird, but since he was first born I have loved his palms. I think it's because they are the only part of his body that's wrinkly. Sure he has rolls and creases, but not wrinkles. Except on his palms. They are perfect miniatures of adult hands with all the lines just the way they'll be for the rest of his life. 

14. G likes to stick out his tongue. It's adorable. And cheeky. (Yep, I just used the word cheeky.)

Monday, January 17, 2011

In Your Dreams

I have wild dreams. It's a fact. I've always had wild dreams. And I remember a lot of them. I don't really buy much into the "dreams mean important stuff in your life"business, so mostly I just think they're funny or weird. Often they relate in some way to something I've just talked about, thought about, or seen on TV. Sometimes they're scary. I had a scary dream last night and poor Adam nearly got heatstroke because I was snuggled up so close to him in bed. My dreams are so vivid and I can remember them so well, a lot of times they're still playing in my head when I try to go back to sleep. I had a scary dream one night about Dwight from The Office being a rapist. I have no idea where that came from but I couldn't watch The Office for a few days afterward.

These wild dreams began very early on. I can remember waking up in the night when I was a little girl and "seeing" a grasshopper on the pillow next to me. I got out of bed and made my parents check all the covers to make sure there wasn't really a grasshopper in my bed. I'm sure they were annoyed.

After watching Jurassic Park I dreamed that there was a brontosaurus walking around outside the apartment building where I lived. He was friendly. The T-Rex terrorizing the rest of the town was not. My neighbor and I fed the brontosaurus vegetables from the second story balcony until the T-Rex scared him away. Then I woke up.

I had a dream one night that I was going to prom. All my high school friends were getting ready together. I pulled up in a car and when I got out, I was 8 months pregnant! What?! To make matters worse, I was wearing a short, white dress with a cut-out around my bellybutton. Seriously? None of my friends seemed to think it was tacky, but we ended up skipping prom to stay home and play nintendo. Oddly, I wasn't in high school or pregnant when I had this dream.

I even dream when I take naps. If I fall asleep watching TV, my dreams usually have something to do with whatever is playing. I fell asleep watching something that was followed by a show about King Kong. The dream I had was about King Kong eating my parents. Yep, he was HUGE and just tossed my parents in his mouth like popcorn. When I woke up I shared my dream with one of my roommates and she thought it was hilarious. I don't know if my parents being eaten is that funny, but from that point on she forced me to tell her any dreams I could remember.

A discussion about dreams isn't complete without a recurring dream. Sure I've had the typical "can't remember my locker combination" and "can't remember my class schedule" dreams, but there is one recurring dream I had for years. In this dream I was either in the shower or trying to go to the bathroom and people, usually people who I know, keep coming into the room. Over and over I ask them to leave so I can finish, and over and over they ignore me. I get more and more frustrated because I'm going to be late, but they just won't leave me alone. As the dream goes on, nothing really changes except that I end up completely frazzled. The dream takes place in various college apartment, a locker room, a school where, in the dream, we had taken cover during a tornado, houses that I've never seen before. It's a strange dream and I have no idea what it means. To make it even more bizarre, this recurring dream isn't unique to me. My mom has the same one. Freaky!

Shortly after we got married, I told Adam about my recurring dream. Of course he thought it was weird and added it to the list of quirky things about his new wife. Oddly, that very night I had the dream. Adam and I were at a party and there was no bathroom in the house. The only toilet option was a bucket-type contraption in the basement. Strange, I know, but this is dreamland so anything can happen. As usual, I had to go, so since I had just told him about my recurring dream, I specifically asked Adam to keep people from coming in while I was perched over the bucket. He totally dropped the ball! I guess he got distracted or something, but there I squatted pleading with random party-goers to give me just one minute of privacy. I was ticked off and I let Adam know it. How could he abandon me like that after I had just told him it was one of my biggest frustrations? Obviously this all happened while I was sleeping, but the next morning I woke up mad at Adam for leaving me hanging like that. He just laughed at me.

And I've never had the dream again.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome to Ma Ma Land

I became a mom this year. It's a little weird to say that. I am a mom. Not that it wasn't time. I mean, the clock's been ticking. But still. To actually say the word Mom and mean me is still going to take some getting used to.

There were a few things about becoming a mom that I never intended to do. Things that seemed crazy, weird and totally unnecessary. But when the time came, I found myself not only considering them as an option, but hopping on the train to hippie-ville.

Let's start with childbirth. ACK! Gross! Why would we talk about that?! Um, because it's amazing. And let's be honest, we've all been involved in childbirth at one point in our lives. It's impossible to be alive without it. Ok, I'll spare the details (for now...dum, dum, dum), but had you asked me two years ago if I would try natural childbirth I would have responded with an emphatic "HECK NO!" Then I got pregnant. You'd think the knowledge that I was soon going to have to expel another human from my body would further solidify my resolve to have drugs for the whole ordeal, but just the opposite began to happen. I began to wonder what childbirth was like.  Everyone talks about it like it's the most horrible experience imaginable, but what does that really mean? People keep having babies, so it can't be that bad, right? On top of curiosity, my competitiveness kicked in and I felt more and more determined that I was tough enough to do it sans medication. Our town doesn't have any kind of birth class except the crash course at the hospital, so I borrowed a book from a friend and began to read about how to endure childbirth. It seemed easy enough. Adam and I practiced the technique a few times, which usually ended in either a fit of laughter or me falling asleep. And then the time came. G was on his way out and I found myself at the moment of truth. I didn't rule out drugs altogether, but I was determined to give natural childbirth my best shot. When push came to shove (literally, ha!), G was born au naturel. I did it! I felt wrecked and spent and like I had run a marathon. But I survived. I felt every bit of it, and am so glad I did.

Now on to diapers. Sick out! Diapers are yucky! And please don't say cloth diapers. Ew! My mom used cloth diapers. It was pretty much the only option and it was disgusting. But times have changed and so have diapers. There are tons of choices now. Of course, cloth was never on my radar because let's be honest, who wants to deal with that? Then I got pregnant. And under the influence of pregnancy hormones, I saw a picture of a baby wearing a cloth diaper. I cannot tell you how cute that little bumpkin was. So I started doing a little research and found that cloth diapers have morphed into fuzzy little bundles of cuteness, i.e. the must-have accessory for babies. Granted, they are still diapers and function as such, but come on, who doesn't want something soft and colorful covering their baby's bottom? Plus, and to me this is the best part, you only have to buy them once. Sure there's all the hoopla about the environment and landfills and saving the earth one blow-out at a time, but the hook for me was the money. It's an investment up front, but then you're done. And they last for more than one kid. Yeah it's gross sometimes, but I can already tell we're saving some bucks. I'm not a fanatic about what touches my baby's skin, so on trips, we use disposable all the way. But we were fortunate to receive a bunch of disposable diapers as gifts before G was born, which means we have only purchased one pack of newborn diapers in six months. That's it. One pack. How awesome is that? And when we run out of disposables, we'll make the cloth work away from home too. My mom did it, and so can I. I will say too, that when G is chilly after a bath, it's so satisfying to put on a diaper that's fleece-y instead of something paper-y. And they breathe because they're cotton, which means so far we've had zero rash. Oh, and the kind I finally settled on are called gdiapers. How can you not love a diaper that is monogrammed for your baby?

Finally, let's jump into the world of baby food. Who knew there was a world of baby food? I didn't. And it never occurred to me that I could make my own until my friend sent me a book about that very topic. Making baby food fell into the category of things like making yogurt. Obviously someone does it, but how would you even know how to start? Ok, that's a bad example because I've actually made yogurt. In any case, being the cheap-o that I am (hey, those little jars aren't free), I decided to explore the world of baby food. I read a bit of the book and took a field trip to the grocery store to do some hands-on research. First, I checked the price of a little jar. After some rough calculations, I use the term rough literally and the term calculation loosely, I figured that there was a significant price gap between the jars and what I could make at home. Second, I checked the ingredients. Jar after jar was the same. Veggie and water. Pureed fruit. Veggie and water. Pureed fruit. Nothing mysterious there. I have veggies. I have water. I have a blender. Let's make some baby food! So I steamed some carrots, dropped them into the blender and added some water. Voila! Baby food! Next I cooked a squash in the microwave, scooped it into the blender and added some water. Voila! Baby food! I just freeze ice cube amounts and when G gets hungry, I thaw what he needs. Easy peasy. Now, things may change when he starts eating things like chicken. There's just something disgusting about meat in the blender. But hey, I said cloth diapers were grody and look where I am now.

So, I'm officially one of those moms. Let me warn you, it can happen to anyone. I didn't think I would ever use cloth diapers or turn down drugs in childbirth, but you get pregnant and start to go a little crazy. One final word of warning, never say you won't use a kid leash because you may become the parent of a hyper-hypo. Oh gosh, let's just pray that G goes from calm baby to calm kid.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Thermostat

It's freezing outside. I'm not just saying that because it's winter and I'm a pansy. It really is freezing. This morning it was 3 degrees. Frigid.

Unfortunately it's also freezing inside. Since our house is old, it's not a surprise it has some flaws, but I had forgotten the winter flaw until now.

We've had an incredibly mild winter. While New York was trapped in a winter wonderland, it was unseasonably warm in our neck of the woods. Honestly, it was a little hard to get into the Christmas spirit because it was too warm for scarves and hats. But now I remember why that was a good thing. Our house gets so cold when the temperatures drop. Last winter I found myself camped out in our teeny-tiny bathroom with the space heater because it was the warmest room in the house. This winter I'm struggling to find a way to keep both myself and little G from getting frostbite.

So my question is is it possible that my thermostat says the house is 70 degrees? We have to use a space heater in our living room so G doesn't get too cold while he's playing. I took two showers the other day just to warm up. There's no way the thermostat is correct. But every time I check, it's still at 70 degrees. I guess I could turn the temp up, but the furnace is running like crazy as it is.

So what to do? I guess I'll just put on another sweatshirt, find something to bake so I can turn on the oven, and move the space heater from room to room. And as much as I like wearing cute sweaters and watching it snow, I'll dream of spring.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010: a recap

I thought it might be fun to do a run-through of all the highlights from 2010. And believe me, there were a lot!

January: found out we were having a boy!
February: told everyone at work that little man was on his way.
March: mom came to visit and paint the nursery.
April: took a babymoon to Costa Rica with our great friends.
May: watched all our Bible study kids graduate.
June: hello, G-man--June 24, 2010!!!!
July: visit from Aunt Marcia, Amy and the girlies...whew!
August: Adam went back to work and I'm officially a stay-at-home mama.
September: Papa and Grandma came to visit.
October: the first big road trip. 8 1/2 hours in the car is too much for all of us.
November: G's first Thanksgiving. And another road trip to the ranch.
December: G turned 6 months old and celebrated his first Christmas!