Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Thermostat

It's freezing outside. I'm not just saying that because it's winter and I'm a pansy. It really is freezing. This morning it was 3 degrees. Frigid.

Unfortunately it's also freezing inside. Since our house is old, it's not a surprise it has some flaws, but I had forgotten the winter flaw until now.

We've had an incredibly mild winter. While New York was trapped in a winter wonderland, it was unseasonably warm in our neck of the woods. Honestly, it was a little hard to get into the Christmas spirit because it was too warm for scarves and hats. But now I remember why that was a good thing. Our house gets so cold when the temperatures drop. Last winter I found myself camped out in our teeny-tiny bathroom with the space heater because it was the warmest room in the house. This winter I'm struggling to find a way to keep both myself and little G from getting frostbite.

So my question is is it possible that my thermostat says the house is 70 degrees? We have to use a space heater in our living room so G doesn't get too cold while he's playing. I took two showers the other day just to warm up. There's no way the thermostat is correct. But every time I check, it's still at 70 degrees. I guess I could turn the temp up, but the furnace is running like crazy as it is.

So what to do? I guess I'll just put on another sweatshirt, find something to bake so I can turn on the oven, and move the space heater from room to room. And as much as I like wearing cute sweaters and watching it snow, I'll dream of spring.

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  1. Man that's cold, its a good thing you've got a Beau hunk of a husband to keep you warm.