Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Things About My Son

1. G loves taking baths. When he's crabby, a bath is a surefire way to cheer him up. He likes splashing in the water and having it poured over his head. He just loves bath time. There's also #3.

2. G loves diaper changes. We hung a colorful mobile above his changing table and it was one of our best nursery decisions. He gets really excited when we make the birds "fly" while he's lying there. It keeps him totally entertained. There's also #3.

3. G loves to be naked. FREEDOM! Taking off his clothes brings a smile every time. Even when it's cold he loves to be naked. It must be a boy thing, but it sure makes bath time and diaper changes more enjoyable for me. And now that we don't have regular "fountains" when he's diaper-less, he gets to be free more often.

4. G sometimes sleeps like a torpedo. His little hiney is in the air and both arms are at his sides. It's adorable and surprisingly comfortable. I tried it.

5. When G was 3-4 months old he would stick his left arm, and only his left arm, straight out behind him while he was being carried. It was quirky. We called it "left arm." Sadly, he doesn't do it anymore.

6. Early in G's life he had spastic arms and legs. Zero control. Sometimes he would just raise one arm like he had a question to ask. It reminded me of the guy in Awakenings. I cracked up every time. (By the way, rent the movie if you haven't seen it.)

7. G has really long eyelashes. I'm tempted to put mascara on them, but so far I've refrained. I mean, he's a boy and he's a baby, mascara isn't really for him.

8. Sometimes G's breath smells like onions. I don't know why. It's baffling.

9. G has the best laugh ever. The best. Twice he's been laughing hard at something and puked. It's cute now, but I hope he's not still doing that when he's six. 

10. G used to have a rattail. It finally fell out, but for a while he rocked the look circa 1991. On a side note, the boy who had the locker next to me in 6th grade had a rattail. His name was Mario. His hair was spikey on top with a long tail down the back. Don't be confused, it was not a mullet. There is a major difference. If you don't know what the difference is, you are probably too young to have tight-rolled your jeans or carried an Esprit bag. (Someone please confirm that they know what I'm talking about here.)

11. G has super ticklish feet. And armpits. I tickle them often. It makes him giggle.

12. G likes to watch sports. He's his father's son. He and Adam liked to watch College Game Day together on Saturday mornings. It was good bonding time.

13. I love G's palms. I know it's weird, but since he was first born I have loved his palms. I think it's because they are the only part of his body that's wrinkly. Sure he has rolls and creases, but not wrinkles. Except on his palms. They are perfect miniatures of adult hands with all the lines just the way they'll be for the rest of his life. 

14. G likes to stick out his tongue. It's adorable. And cheeky. (Yep, I just used the word cheeky.)

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  1. Gavin used to grip his hands together in the front whenever someone picked him up! It was the most adorable thing. And now Caiden sticks his arms straight out like airplane wings. Must be something in the water at that house :)

    I'm with you on the rattail and everything else in #10. How was that ever in style? I remember my crush on Jason with a rattail in 3rd grade. My mom was soooo uncool when she saw him at the drop-off spot one morning bc she commented on his gross hair. Guess parents ARE always right in the end...