Friday, June 3, 2011

The Home pictures

I decided I needed to do a better job of taking pictures while we were visiting my parents. So this time I tried to make a more conscious effort to take my camera with me. Most of these were taken on the same day since it was windy and rainy while we were there. I decided that the spring green and blue sky were so vibrant that day, it doesn't really matter if they were all taken at once. And just in case anyone was wondering, these are all straight out of the camera...all the color editing was done by God in nature.

This is the backyard. 
Sometimes dirt roads just keep going...
and going...and going...with no people in sight.
The clouds were awesome!

No post about the ranch would be complete without some windmill shots. And yes, I have drunk water from a windmill just like this. 

This is what we do after a long day...
Watch TV with Papa while...
Mom and Dad go see their first 3D movie! Cool glasses, huh!?
Everyone had so much fun on the trip to St. Francis, I guess we better go back!


  1. I bet graham loves it there!!! Looks so peaceful!!!

  2. Loving serious mustache creeping behind you in the movie theatre :)