Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Now that it's summer we decided it was necessary to introduce G to the park. We probably should have taken him sooner, but he doesn't know the difference at this point. And since he can't walk, it's not like is going to get any jungle gym action anyway.

The swings were the main attraction, but when we pulled up, there were three teenagers hogging them. Yes, three teenagers hogging the TWO baby swings. Or what I thought were baby swings. Annoying. But we decided to wait it out and see if they would leave on their own.

G wore his sunglasses to the park. He's so cool!

After all that fun, the teenagers were still using the swings. Adam finally went over and asked them to move to the grown up swings after a little prodding from this mama bear. Then, hello embarrassment, we realized that the park where we were was outfitted with handicapped swings, not baby swings. Oops! They look like swinging chairs, kind of, and for a larger kid who has a disability, they would be perfect. For my little guy, on the other hand, not so perfect. He would fall right out. Bummer.

That was the end of our park fun for a while, but just last week we tried again. New park. Baby swings. Yahoo! Here's how it went:

"I know, I look good in shades."
"Mom, I'm really not sure this is fun."
Needless to say, G does NOT like the swings. By the time it was over he had kicked off a shoe and ditched his sunglasses. Every time we tried to put him in, he just started crying and scrunched his feet up. He didn't mind it so much when I was holding him, though.

Then we took a swing nap. Ha ha.

Maybe he'll like the park more when he can walk.

And one last picture. He is definitely my son. Look at us both bossing Dad around.

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