Monday, June 13, 2011

Earn Your Keep

We have a massive yard. You may think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. Our front yard is the size of most people's back yards. Our back yard is the size of a lot of homes' front and back combined. And our side yard is the size of our whole lot without the house. It's a lot of lawn. When Adam uses our push mower it takes about four hours to do the whole thing. Yikes! So usually we try to find a good samaritan who will let us borrow a riding mower. Then it only takes an hour. Whew!

Since G is getting older, we thought it was time for him to start earning his keep. He needs to learn some responsibility and work ethic. Chores are good for kids, right? So Adam taught him how to mow. This will free up some time for Adam to do other things during the summer.

Look Mom, I can do it by myself!
Ok, obviously G is not really mowing. Someday he will and I'll be so happy that he's helping out, but secretly sad that he's old enough to run motorized equipment. Until then he'll just watch Daddy mow and sometimes get to ride on his lap. 

I love my guys!

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