Monday, April 4, 2011


St. Francis, Kansas doesn't have a lot of exciting shopping. There used to be a women's clothing store, but it closed a few years ago. There was a drug store that had a surprisingly good fabric section, but it closed a few years ago too. The extent of shopping in Sainty (what the locals call it) is Sainty Super Foods, Hill Top Market, Ace Hardware (which has quite the selection of toys and men's jeans), the pharmacy, the furniture store, and a jam-packed gift store (we're talking jam-packed with lots of knick-knacks). So when the Methodist church opened a thrift store, people were pumped. Ok, I'm assuming people were pumped. With such limited options, I would be pumped.

It's become a regular stop for me when I'm visiting my parents and I've scored some really awesome stuff. This trip was no exception. I spent less than $20 and got quite the haul.

salad spinner--$1  I've been searching high and low for a good salad spinner since I basically only buy leaf lettuce. This one far exceeds my old one and for a buck, I couldn't pass it up! (I recently saw this in a store for $30...score for me!)
compact umbrella--$1  I've also been searching for a cute little umbrella to keep in my car. This may not have been my first choice of fun prints, but it was only a dollar.
two scarves and red, fringy dress, hat for Graham--clothing bag sale $3  The dress is for a costume. Now that it's spring, G needed something to keep the sun out of his eyes.
fabric--$3.50 My stash keeps growing. I HAVE to start making things!
yellow Samsonite bag--$2  This bag is awesome! It's roomy, has pockets, is in great condition and will be the perfect diaper bag/carry on.
lamp--$3  I know this lamp is quirky, but I have plans for it. Stay tuned.
smock apron--$0.75  I went back later and found this, so they gave it to me for half price since the $3 clothing bag sale didn't help me out. I know it's weird, but I love it!

In addition to the thrift store, there is a little antique shop that I always visit. The woman who runs the place has everything marked 50% off, so I had to buy something. For less than $15 I came home with:

embroidered pillowcase-- I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this. I may use it as a pillowcase, or I may use it for something else. I just liked it.
shade for my quirky lamp-- Lamp shades are expensive and this one was only a buck, I couldn't pass it up.
turquoise Pyrex bowl-- The bowl is square and matches a red one I already have.

Not bad for St. Francis.


  1. I'm so jealous of your yellow bag. You better keep your eye on it, because I might "borrow" it.