Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Flying

G and I took a little trip a couple weeks ago to visit my family. Adam came later to pick us up, so to get there, we FLEW!

I strategically packed up all our stuff, which seemed like kind of a lot. We were going to be there for 12 days, so we did need some stuff. Plus, baby stuff just takes up space.

We were flying Southwest, and when we got to the ticket counter, the woman at the desk seemed pretty grouchy. I was a little worried, but she turned out to be wonderful. She even gave Adam an "assistance" boarding pass to accompany us to the gate. Once the bags were checked there wasn't much to manage except G in the stroller, but we gladly accepted her offer.

After we got through security, we made our way to the gate...

and waited...

and waited...

and waited for our plane to arrive. It was finally time to board and find our seats!

I had packed some toys and books to keep G busy since our flight was right during naptime. Little did I know that we would be on a small plane and I wouldn't be able to keep my backpack with me in the seat. A lot of good all that planning did. I quickly grabbed a toy, two books, and his pacifier before the flight attendant took my bag to an overhead bin in the back of the plane. 

The good news is that I didn't need all that entertainment. G was his typical, charming self.

We had a great flight with zero turbulence. And to top it all off, G feel asleep during landing. He never falls asleep in my lap, but he did this time and I had to wake him up to get off the plane! We made our way through the jungle that is Denver International Airport--G loved the train ride--and met my mom in baggage claim.

It was a great first flying experience. Maybe we'll try it again while G still flies for free!

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