Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Like Mike

A couple years ago there was a group of high school boys who Adam and I liked to hang out with.

Well, Adam hung out with them the most, but they let me join them every now and then. We all had lunch periodically at Lot-A-Burger. It was fun. They were fun. But they all graduated and headed off to college.

We were sad. And then...they came back to visit. Quite a bit actually. Yay!

We've had lots of visits from Michael. He showed up to hold G in the hospital.

He came back the next day, but didn't want to hold G that time. He just wanted to hang out in my hospital bed. Gee thanks.

A few weeks later he showed up again. This time he brought his friend, Clint. And his tie-dye tank top. G wasn't a fan of the tank top. He peed on it. 
G gave Michael a second chance a little later. In fact, G thought Mike was super fun. They spent some quality time bonding. It was sweet.

Michael dropped by this weekend. He wanted to show us his new set of wheels. Two wheels, that is. Yep, Michael got a motorcycle. It rhymes. So does Mike got a bike. 

I like motorcycles. They're dangerous. The last bike I rode was this one in Vietnam:

We wrecked it. Talk about dangerous. 

And now Michael was here to take me for a ride. I donned his helmet and my dorky sunglasses. You have to have some kind of head protection, although the helmet was way too big. It kept slipping down over my eyes.

We hopped on his sweet ride and off we went. 

No wrecks this time. And I felt cool, which is really what matters most. 

We like Mike.

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