Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Ottoman Cover

When we moved into our house a generous family gave us a sofa, chair and ottoman that they were replacing. They were in great condition, so we gratefully hauled them into our living room. The sofa was a dark sage green with khaki piping. Maybe not my first choice, but it was neutral. The chair and ottoman, on the other hand, were not neutral. They coordinated, but the pattern was definitely not my taste. Eeek!

I found a slipcover for the chair that, while it's kind of country, actually ties the green couch to the rest of the room. But what to do with the ottoman? I happened upon a yellow sheet that was the same color as a stripe in the chair's slipcover, so I decided to make a slipcover for the ottoman. Initially, it looked great, but as time went on it began to look pretty shabby. The sheet I used had really low thread count, so the fibers began to separate, especially at the seams, and the bottom began to fray. Plus, since it was covering an ottoman where people's feet are regularly propped, it became quite dingy and pilly even after being washed. When I dropped a slice of pizza sauce side down on the side, I knew it was time to find a replacement.

I didn't want to spend very much on fabric since this was more about getting rid of what was there than finding something perfect. I loved the yellow color of the last ottoman, but finding that color proved to be difficult, mainly because I wanted to spend as little as possible. I finally settled on off-white. And I used a sheet again because it's the easiest way to get one large piece of fabric.

A few hours later, I have a new cover for my ottoman. I still like yellow better, this doesn't match as well as I had hoped, but it's so nice to have something clean and fresh.

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