Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Purses for Little Girls

I have two sweet nieces who we were planning to see for Easter. I knew they would be getting a lot of candy, so I wanted to give them something else. I planned to make hair clips, but didn't get them finished. Instead, I sewed each of them a little drawstring purse.

I chose fabric that was girly, but not too little girly. No Dora, no butterflies, no bunnies and chicks. I wanted these to be something that they could use now and later. They're perfect for a little girl to carry to church with some Sunday school offering, a hankie (as if anyone still carries those), and a pencil and paper. But they'll also be really handy for jewelry or make-up or whatever when the girls get older. I also made them reversible just for fun. The drawstring is harder to pull when they are inside out, but it's still an option.

First I gathered my material and ribbon.

I drew a pattern on some printer paper and cut out all my pieces. Then I just stitched them up! The whole project took about an hour...maybe less than that...and it was kind of a trial and error project, but I love how they turned out and hopefully the girls like them. 

The lining is pink in both of them.

I didn't get a picture of the girls with their purses, but we did try to get one of all the kiddos. Not the best picture we've ever taken, but getting three little ones to look and smile at the same time is nearly impossible. They're still cute and this captures the day perfectly. A and K both being silly and G looking a little overwhelmed.


  1. How did you do the ribbon? Did you have to slit the material to put it in and then did you just leave the slits, as is? Super cute. I'd like to make some for my nieces for the fourth of July parade this summer.

    1. You can slit the material, but it may fray. I'm too scared to try a button hole at this point, but some fray check around those edges would work. I just opened the seam of the lining on each side after I sewed the casing. There's still a risk of fraying, but much less than a slit.
      I hope that helps. I'm sure your little purses will be adorable too!