Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Snow

G needed to experience the snow. It was important to his development. Ok, not really, but babies in the snow are cute. So we bundled the little man up in his bear suit and headed outside.

He wasn't too impressed at first.

We don't have a sled (come on, we live in Oklahoma), so we improvised with the laundry basket.

He still wasn't impressed. 

We thought a family picture might help G to see the benefits of a pile of fluffy, white snow.

Nope. Although, it was kind of bright for him. We thought maybe he just didn't really see the snow since his eyes were closed most of the time. I was sure that's why he didn't act very excited about his first snow experience. So we sat him down in a shady spot for a more hands on experience.

The good news is that he didn't sink down into the snow and get stuck. The bad news is that he tipped over...

...then started crying.

Adam rescued G before I could get to him. No snow angels for G-man despite the fact that he was in the perfect position.

So, the snow didn't really do much for G. He stayed toasty warm in his bear suit, but his face got pretty cold. Sweet little rosy cheeks. I'm sure we'll get our share of wintertime play when he's a little older, but at least we have one of those cute baby in the snow pictures.

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