Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Everything is better with argyle

I'm not really a wreath kind of girl. I don't mind one on the door at Christmas, but I don't really get into wreaths year round. And I'm definitely not really into wreaths just hanging on the wall. I think they belong on a door. I've seen some cute wreaths on etsy, though, that may change my mind. The jury's still out.

But since we've been snowed in for the last week and a half, I decided to make a Valentine's Day wreath. I saw the idea here and wanted to give it a try. I made a yarn wreath like this for my sister-in-law last year for Christmas, so I had all the stuff, which was good because I couldn't get to the store if I wanted to.

I used burgundy yarn, a straw wreath form, and one sheet each of pink and white felt. I would probably use a foam wreath form next time, but this is what I had.

After wrapping yarn around and around and around and around...I finally got the whole thing covered. That part seemed to take FOREVER! Then I just made a heart pattern and measured to make sure it was the right size. After cutting out my felt hearts, I glued them on and added the argyle. I think it turned out really cute. (Note: my carpet is not that yellow, but the colors look better without the flash.) (Note to self: don't take pictures at night.)

 Look at me being festive with a Valentine's wreath on my door!

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  1. cuuuute. I should send you some links to some crafts I plan on trying when I have free time. There is some really cute stuff online!

    Also my mom has an old sewing machine she hasn't used for years that she said I could have. Watch out world, my crafty-self is about to be released!