Thursday, February 17, 2011


G's shriveled little umbilical stump didn't fall off for a long time. It was icky. I was really anxious for it to go away. Finally one night when I was changing him at some odd hour, I discovered it floating around in his jammies. Victory! I woke Adam up to share the exciting news and show him what I found. He was annoyed and grossed out. Ok, understandable, but I was just so ready for that thing to be off my perfect skinned little baby.

Bath time is a favorite in our house and I do my best to scrub all the little nooks and crannies (i.e. neck rolls, leg rolls, tummy rolls, armpit folds, between the toes...) where lint and yucky stuff can hide. This has included G's little bellybutton. Since his cave-like little inny was revealed, I have noticed some dark spots in there. I thought they would come off, so I've scrubbed with soap and water in the bath and even used a Q-tip with no luck. So I assumed they were just tiny freckles in his bellybutton.

How cute. My kid has eeny-weeny freckles in his tiny bellybutton.

Fast forward to this afternoon. While I'm changing G's diaper I take another look at the cute little freckles. He's gotten bigger and so has his bellybutton. It's much easier to see in there now. Enter my fingernail. Exit one of those cute little freckles. Gasp! I rushed to get a Q-tip and some baby oil. The next thing I knew, all the "freckles" were gone. I am so embarrassed. In almost eight months of his life, I have not properly cleaned G's bellybutton.

I officially have the stinky kid.

No, used to have the stinky kid. His eeny-weeny inny is now squeaky clean.

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