Monday, April 30, 2012

Make Something Monday: Sports Fan Gear for Girls

OK, confession time. I made this a lllloooonnnnggg time ago and just never posted it. Of course, you didn't know that until I told you, but for the sake of being honest, I had to share.

A friend of mine is a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. She has a little girl who unfortunately has spent most of her almost two years without much hair. It doesn't help that the hair she does have is white-blond, so most of her wisps went unnoticed for far too long. All this say, wearing sports fan gear didn't help her look any more girly. So, I wanted to help a girl out. Plus, it gave me an excuse to try a couple new crafty things.

First I freezer paper stenciled the Cowboys star onto the front of a onesie. I know it's not official sanctioned team clothing, but this wasn't for sale. It turned out really cute, so I made one for my boy too. I love freezer paper stenciling. It's really simple and fast (well, depending on how intricate my design is). It would be a lot easier if I had a fancy machine that cut everything out for me, but where's the challenge in that, right?

Next I attempted ruffles on the back. Since I had never made ruffles before, I was in new territory. I decided to use ribbon instead of fabric since I thought that might be easier. I followed some instructions I found online (sorry, I can't remember where) and it wasn't too difficult actually. They turned out pretty well. The hardest part was keeping the ribbon gathered as I stitched them onto the shirt. They certainly aren't perfect, but no one will notice since they'll be more focused on the cutie sporting the ruffles anyway. Don't look too closely, but now that I've done them once, I'm not so freaked out to try them again.

Sadly, I don't have a picture of Little Miss in her cute football watching outfit, but you can imagine how adorable she looked. Maybe I'll make another for our Baby Girl Miller. I know her daddy would love to see his little girl in Cowboys gear. I'll probably have to make her a Broncos one too, just to keep things even.

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