Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Adventures of Horse and Cow

Papa picked out a set of farm animals for G's birthday last summer. There is Horse, Cow, Sheep, Pig, Goat, Rooster, and Duck (which I think is actually a goose, but we've been calling it a duck for almost a year now so that's what it's going to be). Lately G has been really interested in playing with his animals. He takes them out of the box and lines them up. Sometimes they tackle each other in a dog pile. Other times they take turns going down the slide.

The days can get long for a toddler when Mom is washing dishes and switching laundry and paying bills. What's a boy to do?

This is exactly the predicament the G-man found himself in yesterday. Enter Horse and Cow.

While Mom was busy getting things done, G took Horse and Cow for a walk, or in G's words, a "wok." Horse and Cow walked all around the living room. They took a little wrestle break before they got to the dining room. After their wrestling match complete with commentary provided by the G-man, they continued their walk. The hardwood floor in the dining room proved to be a difficult surface for Horse and Cow. Every now and then one of them would fall down and promptly be tackled by the other. Finally they made it to the kitchen. Horse was so exhausted, he lay right down and took a nap. Cow, on the other hand, was thirsty. G was kind enough to give Cow some drinks of his milk. He's so thoughtful. Apparently the kitchen was their final destination because the G-man left them there and moved on to something new.

After wiping the milk drips off the floor and returning Horse and Cow to their home with the other animals, Mom reflected on G's new found imagination. Then she chuckled to herself about G sharing his milk with Cow. Cow is a holstein. Holsteins are dairy cows. Somehow it seemed a little funny for a dairy cow to drink milk. Kind of like a chicken eating scrambled eggs. Or a goat snacking on some feta cheese.

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