Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two Times the Fun

In the midst of waiting for Adele to make her appearance, G-man turned two. I didn't plan anything because we just weren't sure where we would be on his birthday. Little Miss took her sweet time, so all of a sudden, it was G's birthday and we didn't have any plans to celebrate.

My mom was here already, so she baked a cake.

We blew up some balloons leftover from last year's first-birthday-extravaganza.

A few friends came over.

BAM! Instant party!

Thankfully, we had planned ahead and gotten a few presents. Plus, Graham got some fun prizes in the mail from generous relatives.

Then, to make the birthday fun last even longer, we had another celebration when my dad, brother and sister-in-law came to meet Adele. (Originally, this was going to be the only party.)

We had saved a few presents, so Graham opened those.

My mom made another cake.

The balloons that hadn't popped were still floating around the living room.

Lucky Boy! Two parties for a two year old.

TWO! I love this boy more than I ever thought possible.

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