Thursday, September 13, 2012

Boy Meets Girl

There were two things Graham did when he met Adele for the first time.
1. Kiss her.
2. Ask to hold her.

My mommy heart melted and I just knew he was going to be completely infatuated with his new sister. He was going to want to teach her things and spend time just looking at her adorable little face.

Yeah, that lasted about one minute. Just long enough to take those few pictures. Then he did this:

That's right. Totally not interested. He was really into a cup of water with a straw and the carseat and my bed, though.

We brought girly-girl home and the G-man continued his general non-interest. Then one day we discovered him like this:
Yep, that's my boy awkwardly lying next to his sister in the basinet attachment of our pack-and-play. Did he smash her as he got into that awkward position? I hope not. Was it super sweet. Absolutely!

Then he did this:
That's a Graham version of a kiss.

After that he resumed his non-interest other than an occasional eye poke or "peek-in."

As time has gone on, however, G has taken a great interest in his little sister. He wants to lay next to her if she is on the floor. (Again with the awkwardness. He must be his father's son.)

He wants her to "hold it" and "play."

He went from calling her "baby" to "Baby Adele" to "BayDel" or "BeeDel." (I guess it's like his baby version of Brangelina.) He sometimes wants her to lay in bed with him after naptime. She's not always on board.

 One day he grabbed her feet and said, "Dance, BeeDel!"

He wants to know where she is and what she's doing. He gives her lots of kisses, which really just translates into smothering. And he said out of the blue last week, "I like BeeDel."

So maybe he's not completely enthralled by this new girl in his life, but Graham is certainly beginning to think she's pretty neat.

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