Thursday, January 19, 2012


This blog was abandoned. I completely ditched it. It was nagging me to write, but I refused. I avoided it. I quit taking pictures. You would think the silly thing would take the hint, but no. It's still here. Still begging to be included in my life.

So, I'm giving in.

This blog isn't the only thing I've abandoned in the last few months. You can add cleaning, cooking and laundry to that list too. Oh and bathing my son on a regular basis. Good thing it's winter, right?

What have I been doing all this while? This is the embarrassing part. I've been sleeping.


Shirking my responsibility by lying on the couch with my eyes closed.

No, I'm not ill. I'm just tired. Well, I was tired. I've suddenly awakened from my hibernation with a renewed sense of motivation and energy.

Why this change? I crossed the 16 week mark. It's that magical week when you remember that you are a living person. And it's wonderful. It feels good to be alive and awake and hungry for more than gummy worms and grapefruit juice.

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  1. I'm glad to see you back! I have actually taken a break from reading blogs! I have missed them all!

    Congratulations on the coming wee one! SO exciting!!!